Thursday, March 27, 2008

the dreaded retirement...

ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch
my nipples hurt!
actually it is the left one in particular and not really the nipples but the actual nipple piercings.
they arent new but they are damnit fucking migrating and they hurt hurt hurt and are ugly ugly ugly...i changed my barbells from 16mm up to 20mm (yes that is a nipple barbell that is 2cm - when those were fitted at the shop i got a standing ovation!!!) they don't look nice and they hurt and they feel like they are getting worse.
but i can't just take them out even though they are migrating because if there is an infection that risks the skin actually healing OVER it...great. and it's not like i can just pop out to walgreens in this country and go buy some antibiotic cream!

so i'll use what i have here tonight - some lavender oil, which is my answer to everything.
always has been.

i just dread retiring these piercings....
...went through sooo much to get them!
its my 3rd set of nipple piercings and only finally took after mikey miller (the yoda of piercing in so cal) actually custom made some D-rings for me to wear as they healed. that was like a decade ago - so they've kept quite well for quite awhile!

and has he's not piercing anymore - ther's not much chance i'll get him to redo them!


did i mention it hurts!

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