Monday, May 2, 2011

ass chat - literally (sorry)

i'm not actually sure if anyone even reads this blog at all...guess i could look on my analytics, but then it might completely put me off if there is no one out there. and i'm finding blogging again quite helpful in organising my thoughts around weight loss and health. so if you are out therem i'm sorry i've not been posting the last couple weeks but i've been away gyspy dancing in brighton and also squeezing in as many other dance workshops as possible...

...thinkin' that this would help me lose weight.
and it did week 2: lost 5lbs then week 3 sucked with only 1 pound lost. even after working my ass off literally to the point of exhaustion. which i'm now thinking and hearing may have been the reason why my loss was so little. so this weekend i've taken it a bit easier, and ensured that i've rested.

another reason i think i may have not lost much?
i was literally full of shit! even adding as much fiber as i could to my lighter life food packs, i was still tightly packed, then i swear i pooed out at least 2lbs of crap the next morning. i wish i could have demanded a recount for the week! so this week i'm also eating dulco-lax like sweeties to try and shift my weight that way as well as burn it.

ugh...wish me luck.

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I'm reading!