Tuesday, April 12, 2011

5 is my lucky number...

...but it doesn't feel like it today!

it is the fifth day and this diet is really kicking my butt.
i have been light-headed and hicupping for hours.
had to miss my bellydance conditioning class with darkstar tonight as i was feeling so woozy.
strange, when i was on tx i would have pushed through - but then that was only getting my ass on the power plate...passing out in bellydance class coulda been embarrassing - especially when first aid is not kerry's strong point, lol.

it is all my own fault though.
i think i got a bit dehydrated today.
had to change my shaker/container from the horrid big plastic embarrassing lighter life one given free with the diet, to a nice brushed steel thermos. chic, but doesn't hold enough - so i probably didn't drink enough water.

the other reason it is my own fault is we are told not to exercise for the first week and until our body has got used to the diet and in ketosis...but i still went to the gym on saturday for a lighter session then usual but sunday was a new tribal bellydance class with arina of fleur estelle - it was the hardest class i have done since moria's at raqs britannia last year.

it is all worth it though.
the girls at work can see a bit of difference and my blondeboy says i look alot less bloated than before. of course some of this is due to my doctor changing my meds, but mostly due to the new diet!

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