Monday, November 8, 2010

remember remember the ills of november

just had a lovely long luxurious day with the fish sister!
o how i love my fishwhiskers and she is looking hot hot hot.

i on the other hand am looking not not not.
even she noticed my weight gain...

so tomoro is back on it properly.
i saw a beautiful woman walking down the street tonight when we were on our way home from bristol and i realied that if i really tried hard hard hard that i too could look like that again!

its now been almost a year since any major infections and almost a year since i broke vegan, so i'm hoping that my immune system is up to a routine of:

morning yoga
apple juice with powdered greens and psyllium husks
breakfast of organic yogurt and fruit with seeds (altho may remind me too much of treatie!)
green tea all morn
healthy lunch
early dinner
gym on mon/thur/sat
tribal fusion belly dance on wed
no carbs after 18:00 by order of my amaxing trainer ivo badrov
cut down or out on the alcohol...
practise tribal belly isolations every night

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