Sunday, December 14, 2008

best laid plans...(are like eggs/cracked!)

ugh....just thought i'd had everything planned so i could see everyone while i was back home and now find out my lil bro is going to be home different dates than i was originally told! so have spent the evening on the sofa with my daughter and the lovely fiance, watching torchwood and trying to logistically fit in hollywood, orange county for xmas, arizone, utah cousins, sfo and napa valley for new years. and doing it all so i'm home on the 29th to have at least one day with the niece.

ooo that sounds so wierd to write!
i've never referred to her that way...she's always my brother's kid...strange! guess i'd feel different if i was there and seeing her every day.

so am off from wednesday - not sure how much i'll be online before or during!

everyone take care xxx


magda said...

you are a very wanted lady indeed.

Fishwhiskers said...

LOL i agree with u, magda!! wanted - dead or alive ;)

well again, have a wonderful time, bring me back some cali sunshine and a tanned, crack-arse surfer hehe. naaah i skip on the latter, wouldnt know what to do with him ^^

i hopefully will see u on the 12th january. we'll have a lot of catching up to do by then.

love u soooooo much and miss u like mad