Monday, December 15, 2008

nice palace of alice

did i forget to mention that i got my haircut shorter on saturday?
it now really matches my profile (that i swiped from somewhere and cant remember sorry!)

then last night went to some friends' xmas burlesque show...
some of it was good, alot of it was cheap and tired, and other bits were just why?
there was a woman with a lovely bluesy voice.
and a boy that stapled candy canes to his chest them tore them out - first contamination alert! then my old dragon ladies partner was surprised when out of the dark corner i emerged to help her with a magic that left me with burlesque injuries and a bit of blood where the guillotine pinched! and she stupidly wiped the blood away with her hand....ugh she should know better with her background.

am i over reacting or just being realistic?
i so don't want to be the cross contamination nazi but have always been this way really since my state board exams for cosmetology! now i guess i'm more militant and have a blog to complain on. but really - what do you all think???

all in all it was a pretty good show with great aerial performance and luscious music.
and nice to take my daughter along as some of the performers have known her since she was around five years old...

o i miss her already! she only left today and already it was horrid to come home to an empty house. but so excited that i'm off back home to see her again in a couple days. i just wish that the weather was better there - what is with the forecast of snow???

well better get back to crocheting reindeers!


magda said...

would love to meet

my email:
phone: 916 798 4266
how exciting

Fishwhiskers said...

*grumble* i typed such a long comment, pressed post and it was gone :( i am not going to repeat it. just briefly:

- never touch blood unless that person is in a life threatening situation

- i have been crocheting reindeer too. great minds think alike and all that ....

- forget about the sunshine, bring me back some snow :)

- have a good flight and a wonderful time


H. Heart said...

You can't be a worse blood nazi then me. I also think more viruses are here that we arent aware of yet.