Tuesday, December 9, 2008

appointment due

back off to the hospital tomoro for my monthly appointment...
my bloods were still a bit low and i was really wiped out last time i was there so they are still keeping an eye on me. not a bad thing, and i could really do with the break from work as it's been sooo mad busy and is only going to get worse before it gets better thanks to a rebrand i need to deliver before i head off to california for xmas.

and on top of that i'm trying to get out of work as early as poss as it is so nice having my daughter here for me to hang out with - even when we are doing nothing but sitting here watching english telly = we both love mr stephen fry sooo much! and he just used the saying 'dagenham smile' for ass crack, lol!!

so back to hospitally bits, ugh!
well more doctory really - its taken me almost 3 weeks to get my citalopram refill and because of that i'm actually more stressed out and teary-eyed than usual. first the computers were down so they couldn't print my rx, like what did they do B4 computers???? i remember when doctors actually handwrote them...but then i remember when dentists didn't wear gloves too.

then the px wasn't at the chemist when i finally had time to pick up on my way to work, so phoned and hopefully sorted - will see tomoro - but will also ask hepnurse if she'll give me a month's worth so i can stockpile in case this ever happens again - because seriously i don't think my lovely fiancee could take much more of this. or my colleagues.

if i can't score more anti-d's i may be single and unemployed very soon!

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Fishwhiskers said...

dagenham smile ... hahaha :) good luck with the hossie, nice of them to still keep u under observation. let me know what happens.

was still looking into coming down, but it has crystalised that i am chasing utopia even to think about it. even had to borrow the £15 for my germany flight from a german friend. ridiculous, eh? luckily the internet is paid for or i'd feel like a complete loser. not far from feeling that way anyway ;)

take care honey and ginormous hugs