Thursday, November 6, 2008


so as i said yesterday...i stayed up to watch the obama election win.

but still last night i couldn't think why i was sooo tired.

ugh, brain fog.
how could i already forget watching the mc cain conceding speech!

and i must still be needing to catch up on rest, as i voluntarily missed knitblub/club this evening. just came straight home and had some reheated veg chili and will hunker down and crochet some more skully squares for me lovely fiance's blanket later...

so what is everyone doing this weekend?
feeling very lonely without my fish sister here!


Fishwhiskers said...

oh, and dont I wish I was there *sigh* I am not doing much this w/end. Sitting in front of PC, playing games and crocheting whilst watching TV. Boooooooring!

And those bloody fireworks are still going off *arrrrrrrrrgh*

Huggin you xxx

H. Heart said...

I did some work in the garage last night. Cutting back my anti-ds and I think I have more energy. Today I went to a movie with a friend then did some shopping at my favorite charity shop. Bought some great skirts (high end brands) and a nice suit jacket. Then I went to the Temple afterwards went to the visitors center for a exibit. When I came out it was dark and lots of the Christmas lights were up in the Temple gardens. It was beautiful. Wish you two could be here with me. That was a full day for me.
Tomorrow Chruch with a Mexican family. Taking them to the Spanish speaking ward. Should be fun. Their little girls are adorable. After that lots of laziness, eat...sleep...we know the routine. lol
xxx with love

Magda said...

The dog training of my Cavalier - Lola is driving me nuts, she sneaks a lot of presents for me...