Wednesday, November 5, 2008

just home from knitclub

just realised that i didn't give fishie a pillow to sleep with on the spare bed!
i am such a bad bad hostess...altho in all fairness it was the lovely fiance that set the room up.
so sorry sista!

well i'm still SOOOOO stressed about my blood test results.
so much doubt inside me that tis actually worked. which is so not like me at all.
i know that positivity breed positivity but for some reason this has me REALLY worried.
still to the point of tears.

no time to stop the citalopram!

at least the election last night took my mind off of everything.
i stayed up till after mc cain conceded.

what an interesting change.

makes me want to move back home!

if only i could get a job back there...

1 comment:

Fishwhiskers said...

If ur moving i'm coming with u! neener neener ...

ur not a bad hostess at all, u looked after me really well. no pillows is no big deal!!! i slept well.

stop thinking negatively about the bloodtest, hon, it will be ok! otherwise u gonna be nuts by next week *grrr*

also, parcel on its way first class today. check ur postbox!!!

hugssssssss n kissssssssses