Wednesday, October 8, 2008


i just got as much botox as possible pumped into me...
got my forehead done like i used to, so my drag queen eyebrows will be back in a week.
god i have missed them.

also got my crow's feety place and a nefertiti lift.!
next...a thread lift.

i am going to look as good as possible for me wedding!
(latest plan - run away somewhere exotic...)

my hepteam had said no problem getting this stuff done, but i mentioned it all to my lovely french plastic doc and he was soooo knowledgeable about it. was nice to have a truly intellectual convo about it without feeling pressured to comply with someone else's opinion - as happens so frequently with others that have hepC

then on the way home i bought a couple new cheap clutch style handbags as i'm worried about shoulder bags leaving a mark on my lovely pink leather jacket that the fiance bought me when we were in istanbul last new years.

o. and here is the RANT section of the day!!!

on the way i stopped into boots the chemist on regents street
and they refused to sell me codeine because i had bought it there before!!!!
the pharmacist explained to me that its not the law but their policy as they don't want customers to get addicted. thanks big brother. and fuck you n your bullshit! i explained why i needed it and she told me to go to the hospital and get a prescription. yea. at 8pm at night. right.

totally opposite to my other boots chemist pharmacist that works on oxford street
she is so supportive and always asking me how i'm doing and if i need anything.
so glad i bigged her up on the website survey!!!

but really, can you believe it???


i live too far from tijuana to just get it myself!


My Other Blog said...

629 pounds seems like a lot for the Cook Island wedding. (Plus round trip airfare for 2, hotel, meals, etc.) Have you checked out any places in the Caribean?
You can't even buy cold medicine that works in the US anymore without showing your driver's license to the pharmacist, codine has always (well, in my life at least) required a prescription.

hepkittie said...

how funny, 629 didn't seem that much to me if you consider the euro alternative of a big italian family wedding with a 14 course meal! lol.

and i've spent so much time in the west indies that it no longer seems exotic to me...would like cuba but not sure the current issuers of my passport would, ugh.

how come we can keep our prisoners in cuba but i'm not allowed to go on vacation there?

and yea, i know what it's like back home, but still at least then i was just a hop over the border for anything i needede...

Fishwhiskers said...

Kittie, I have asked myself the same question about prisoners and Cuba. I have only once had a problem obtaining the co-codamols or nurofens before, for exactly the same reason as you. I now get them prescribed, so not an issue anymore and I even dont pay for them LOL.


H. Heart said...

I got the botox too post tx. ha ha. we are such twins I always used it for headaches. Used it for a few years. I have it done right above my eye brows and now the crows feet. The post tx headaches were so bad, but it helped take the edge off. I still am suffering from headaches if I skip water or have a couple of sodas. The botox really helps and its too bad my ins.won't pay for it. : (
sorry about your trouble with the chemist. I had a very nice one by my flat there. You know the area.
You already look great for your wedding.

hepkittie said...

wow we really are twins!

and i'd not thought about how the botox might be easing the hedaches, but the more it kicks in it does seem the less my head hurts.

maybe i should get it in all my joints too, lol...