Sunday, October 19, 2008

wedding bells but not mine!

wow. it has been ages since i updated.
it has pretty much been all work work work with me.
and sleep sleep sleep the rest of the time.

especially at the weekends...
but last night i went to some friends' wedding party.
it was a lovely haunted house/alice in wonderland theme (her name is alice and it is almost halloween...) the friends that got married are both on a really tight digital industry mailing list that i've been on since around 95

i wanted to look my best so went to aveda and had my hair re-browned and it is the most luscious dark chocolate colour ever. just too bad that it is still falling out to the point that my sexy manga style looks a bit straggly to to draw attention away from thinning hair i wore THE highest hi hi heeled shoes - sexy black patent leather with an ankle strap and slight stripper feel...yum...with tight pencil skirt and tubey type top with built in bra (luckily, but only an H cup so alot of benny hill style spillage...oooo err....) and my luscious fur trimmed porn coat by satya james

and luckily my botox has settled in so my lovely arched drag queen eyebrows are back!!!

there are only about 60 of us on the list but as we talk all day online everyday and have for around 15 years you can imagine that we are all really really close. but also what is interesting is how the 1 in 12* theory is rolling out amongst this group and i found out another one of us has tx'd and cleared hepC a few years ago. so that is me that is waiting for SVR, and her that has SVR, as well as another that shares a specialist at UCH with me...

*Because shockingly one in 12 people worldwide are living with either chronic hepatitis B or hepatitis C. While this is far higher than the prevalence of HIV or any cancer, awareness is inexplicably low and the majority of those infected are unaware.


My Other Blog said...

So, in theory, there could be 3 more people in your group of 60 who have or had HCV. I think about this when I'm in crowded movie theatres, for instance, - who else in there may have it, or on planes - if there are 240 people on the plane, there should be 19 others who have or had it. But, I don't think it works that way in the West, it's probably 1 in 12 worldwide, but maybe 1 in 50 in the West, and 1 in 5 in places like Egypt or Pakistan.
The hair will stop falling out and it will grow back! And everyone always thinks their own hair loss is worse than it really is.
When's it going to be YOUR wedding?

Fishwhiskers said...

I just had the feeling you posted, sistah :-) Glad to see you enjoying life again. That designer is just lush. I had to quit the website before I got melancholy that I cant afford it LOL.

MYS, the 1 in 12 is not only HCV, but also HepB. Many people have had that one without even knowing (like me). But I also think, as there are lots of people who have had HepC AND HepB, that the number in general might be closer to 1 in 10 or even 1 in 8 as an all over the world figure.