Saturday, October 25, 2008

degrees of seperation...

in the old punker/internet/hepC world it seems like the degrees of separation are quite quite low...

another person that i used to squat with by euston station here in london has contacted me via facebook and it turns out that they were tx'd for hepC 5 years ago and cleared.

which again makes it very interesting, because between fishie, me, and them - that all squated together - out of the 3 of us we have genotypes 1, 2, 3 covered!

weird. weird. weird.

so next week shall be a bit of a reunion week as i'm seeing the person that tracked me down on facebook when they are in town on tues/wed then i have fishie visiting london the rest of the week!

which reminds me that i need to get out of bed and go sort the spareroom out...ugh.

been in bed all morn hunting for a sexy hotel in central central milan.
headin over there to see the black keys and get tattooed in november!


Fishwhiskers said...

Oh dear, hun, that is so really weird about other people from that squat and that time contacting you! And having had hepC ^^

By the way, I will be in London on Wednesday already as my other friend has to leave in the early hours of Friday to Belgium. So do you think it is ok for me to come to yours as from Thursday some time?? If not, I will ask around :-)


hepkittie said...

of course you can come to mine from thursday! i'll be at work that day and was supposed to have a client thing on that night with a bunch of other 80s has-beens like members of duran duran and stuff, but if i can't take you with me we can go to knitclub instead...would definitely be more fun!

shall i try to take a late lunch to meet you and show you mine and handover keys, etc?

really lookin' forward to seeing you! xxx

H. Heart said...

I hope you too have a great time. I forgot my anti-ds when I went to California so I'm back to being unbalenced again. So Fishy, don't forget any meds. I remembered everything I could possibly need but those.