Tuesday, October 28, 2008

yes, we should be the next new medical cash cow!

i read alot of articles online that are related to hepC and sometimes they really hit home with me, but for some reason today, one of them has really stopped me in my tracks. it was this statement that did it:

" On a world-wide basis, there are an estimated 180 million people who are chronically infected with HCV, with an estimated three to four million individuals newly infected each year. The prevalence of Hepatitis C infection is estimated to be four times that of HIV around the world."

wow. now that is starting to put it into perspective isnt it?

i remember when the 1 in 12 campaign was running, i told a friend and they wouldn't believe me - saying that would mean like every person in america was infected....well if they shipped us all off to a tropical island to do treatment then maybe that is how big it would need to be!

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