Saturday, August 2, 2008

last shot done

sick sick sick...this morning has been spent in a full body cramp.
am sooo glad i only had to do 24 weeks - i really admire people who do a full 72...and sometimes they have to do it twice. yikes! fingers crossed this has worked for me!

and naples is booked.
we fly to rome at the crack of dawn on thursday morning
i'm really looking forward to seeing the fiance's big big extended family - especially the kids!
...and some nice sunny weather. london is currently dreary greay and rainy. ugh.


H. Heart said...

Thursday morning I'll be thinking of you.Maybe I'll be motivated to go to SoCal about Thursday. I'm still sick. And my brain...its gone. But I feel the healing touch when I'm next to water.
You did it !!!! Plus helped me get through this. You deserve to go to Naples. Eat some of that good food for me. mmm

Fishwhiskers said...

I shall be thinking of you too on Thursday morning when I take my painkillers at 5am. I really hope you are starting to feel better by then. Enjoy the wonderful weather and the even more wonderful Napolitans. I am sure you will all get on like a house on fire, particularly with the kids. Italian kids are just soooo adorable.

Fishy xxxx

hepkittie said... day you'll have to come with us! who knows, you might have to attend a wedding in naples depending on our plans...which i do have to say are going VERY slowly.

thursdy morning 5am i should be all checked in, and by midday sitting on the beach surrounded by kids and crocheting my little fingers off!

My Other Blog said...

Enjoy your trip, it's the perfect reward for the lousy past 24 weeks you had to endure! It's over! YAY!!!

magda said...

have a fabulous vacation !

ronnie said...

Great News Kitty,
Have a fantastic holiday xxx