Thursday, July 31, 2008

end of the month...end of treatment.

i do my last shot tomoro night.

have still got most of next week booked off work to celebrate and the latest plan is still to spend from wednesday night (when i start to feel better and after my hospital appointment) in naples! am really looking forward to seeing the fiance's family - especially the kids! but being on this damn hepC treatment has meant that my brain is mush and i've not managed to learn any italian at my plan is to get some baby/kids books and have the kids teach me.

hope it works!

so anyway, tonight i celebrated my last night of treatment with the girls from work.

we went to ping pong on eastcastle street and i ordered my favourite cucumber/apple juice was a long long meal and i started to fall asleep (as usual) then the bill came and my friend/boss realised that they'd charged us for gin and cucumber! i'm not supposed to drink! i don't think they spiked me because gin is such a strong flavour i'd notice it and so would the girls as they all tried it.

but as exhausted as i am, on heavy codeine, and anti-d's how would i even notice if i was drunk?

...and if i'd planned to drink it would have been bourbon!!!!

the restaraunt were shitting themselves about possibly spiking me and were lovely and really cared...but then again they probably don't need me to sue. and still a bit scary for me after being so darn careful...altho also realised this week that all the vanilla syrups i've been pouring in my coffee are full of alocohol.

well. its too late now.

fingers fucking crossed!!!


My Other Blog said...

Congrats on making it through treatment! Now on to SVR!

Fishwhiskers said...

I wouldnt worry now about the alcohol content of things. I was surprised how many things do indeed have some alc in them, when you look at it (as I did up to now). My treatment nurse was great yesterday, she asked if I was doing anything for my birthday. I said, yes, probably a couple of weeks later, so I can have a glass of wine. She said, it would be ok to start having a drink again once in a while, if and when yesterday's pcr gets back and is UND. I am not even too sure I fancy a drink now. LOL. I think the no-drinking thing has been so ingrained by now, that it will always be in the back of our minds.

Good luck with tomorrow's shot. Hope the last one gives you an easy time.


Fishwhiskers said...

I wonder how you're feeling today? Like a new era is dawning possibly? You probably had a good all-night-shag to celebrate, ey? hehe