Sunday, July 6, 2008

easy like sunday moaning...

still overdoing it...
yesterday morn woke up really wiped from the shot, but took some heavy codeines for the muscle migraine and went to diamond jack's in soho with the fiance to watch my friend iestyn inflict some pain...fiance now has new fancy diagonaly nipple bar piercings and i can't wait to get better to have the cute little ies do some body mods on me - his new scarification work is amaxing!

then went to my local and almost fell asleep at the bar again.
i'm really close with everyone there - the ship on wardour street is like my home, so they all know what i'm going through and all rooting for me to get better. its lovely having so much support.

after that i trekked over to the farmers market at the brunswick that i've been telling my treatment buddy humbleheart about. its amaxing that she used to live right by me over here before moving back home to the states - we must have passed each other in the street many times...the world is so big but hepC makes it so small.

yes and so does buckminster fuller and the whole degrees of separation thing, but when i start looking at the 'tribes' i belong to it really does get finding out me and fishwhiskers used to live in the same punker squat! how weird would it have been if we had the same genotype?

anyway more about overdoing it yesterday...
bought some nice baklava and came home. the fiance then announced that he wanted to learn to crochet to make a zombie amigurumi. i explained that he needed to learn the basics first so spent the last miniscule bits of my energy teaching him to chain, double crochet, and how to work in a round...his first project of a varigated coaster is just getting off the ground.

then i went to bed at 11pm and slept through to 5am - my usual wake up time for more painkillers, had a top up with some rooibos tea and then back to sleep...i slept straight through to 10am, missing my pill time and everything - not that i have any appetitie to take them just swallowed them down with grapefruit juice and lounged til now.

still feeling horrid head and body achy breaky so more codeine and the kid is going to come round and hang out with me...she is also going through a hard time right now but that is a whole nother post about her hurt foot, work situation, and where is she going to live/travel to?

i wish i had that kinda freedom too.

o and for those that are interested - my tattoo artist is moving shops!
check out xed's page....

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Fishwhiskers said...

Arrrgh I want some body piercing too. And I would still like a Medusa, and more earwork, and more tats .....

Funny you should wake up at 5am for more painkillers. Did you read my blog today ;-) I swear we're soul sisters ... you're the good one, I'm the bad one, or rather you're the successful one and I am the punk LOL

Fishy xxx