Wednesday, June 11, 2008

trigger hippy...

so yes i've been rumbled!
my friend fishie had figured out that i take my ribas late so it keeps me up and awake to fuck...



i have lost my hair trigger.


my anti-d's were doubled at the end of last month...and it must be kicking in, because twice now it's been a marathon to orgasm and usually just thinking about it and a slight bit of pressure and i am that is it. i'm halving back down the damn citalopram!

if dp and my sexy fiance don't make me cum immediately then something has to be done.

and it's not like it's stopping me crying anyway.

or grinding my teeth...

so the benefit far outweighs the benefit.

and i splurged and bought another bra! this time bright yellow.


Fishwhiskers said...

Not being able to orgasm when you got sex on tap aint good. But it could also be the Codeine, coz as any synthetic morphine, which is similar to heroin/opium etc, has that effect too.

But what would I know, I havent had sex for nearly 3 years, not even self-induced :-)

Hope you regain the 'earth movement' quickly.

Fishy xx

My Other Blog said...

I'd blame the anti-ds, they left me completely numb, head to toe.