Monday, June 9, 2008

i love fellini....

so shot 16 wasn't so bad!
been extra extra tired and sleeping alot, and belly still wibbly and lots of mouth ulcers, but that is just the norm really - even today's bangin' headache isn't out of the ordinary and am hitting it hard with codeine and water and lavender oil on my temples and nape of me neck to refresh...

...which is extra lovely on a sunny day like this.
have spent the last couple of days sleeping on the roof terrace slathered in lancaster and clinique sun creams and have so far evaded any burn, and am honeying up again. phew! as i was feeling so pale again i almost went for a fake bake on saturday!

instead i got my nails done again and had lunch at masala zone.
it was a struggle but worth it! a lovely veg thali with a banana curry, yum.
i think it is my new favourite food as soft enough i can eat with my mouth ulcers flairy.
and ca't wait to go back again.

and my new very round comedy bosom red bra has arrived!


Fishwhiskers said...

pictures of your bosom in the bra please *grin*

you sound a lot better than last week ... that's grrrrrrrrrrrrreat :-)

Fishy xxx

hepkittie said...

will let you know if i update my flickr, lol...and yea i'm so much better than i was last week!

how are you tonight?

kittie x