Monday, March 24, 2008

infected with my love...

can i just say if you have hepC and want an allover body exfoliating massage DO NOT go to the spa at the randolph hotel in oxford!!!! i diligently filled out my treatment card, noting my condition and they refused to exfoliate my skin because of my virus...this is absolutely fucking ridiculous for 3 reasons at least!
  1. if they are using an exfoliant so rough that it might make my skin bleed then that is wrong wrong wrong. i have had micro-dermabrasion on my face, neck, and chest and never ever bled ever - so how is a normal body exfoliant mean to make me bleed and infect someone else?
  2. if point 1 above is correct and they are using exfoliant sooo rough that it breaks the skin - then because of contamination and cross-contamination purposes they should be treating everyone as tho they are viral!!! as a california state licensed cosmetologist and someone who has dabbled as a piercer and tattoo artist i know for health and safety that you have to treat everyone the same - and protect all.
  3. after refusing to give me an exfoliating body massage they offered me a pedicure - with exfoliation and filing of my toenails! inconsistent is that????
Anyway, as angry as I was about their stupidity/naivety - their behaviour also really upset me. It is the first time ever that I have felt dirty or infected since my diagnosis and I do have to admit that I choked back tears the entire time during my whole pedicure. Typhoid Mary I am not...ugh.

Oki, rant over I do want to also give props where they are due...
The next day went back and got another treatment - a facial with eye revivier - as I've found that since I've been on the tx that my eyes are ALWAYS tired and I'm looking older. It was one of the loveliest ever facials I ever had and my eyes were sooo revitalised! Thank you thank you thank you to the lovely slovakian girlie who perked me up after crying so much the day before.

I loved the facial so much I bought alot of the products - they are decleor something I used alot of already but let me tell you if you have fluey eyes - their creamy eye ant-wrinkly stuff is lovely and the make up remover also doubles as a refreshing eye gel! Yum...anything to help me feel/look good is worth it with the 45th birthday approaching next week.

And...something I really realised while away this weekend (well besides knowing it sucks) is that I can't wait to get married! I really really wanted to be Mrs all weekend not have different names. I put off planning the wedding til after my tx but more and more I just want to take a long lunch break and go do it one day.


ronnie said...

I'm loving reading your blog, especially the girlie stuff!!
Going to get myself some decleor.
Am also feeling the tired eyes. Approaching the 46th birthday (ouch)
Please keeping blogging it makes me smile!!

hepkitty said...

decleor stuff is great - its as rich and lovely as clinique or dior but as natural as aveda...i use alot of their stuff - will try and make a list one day!