Thursday, March 20, 2008

easter weakened

so yesterday's good day was followed by a good night. too good.
i was sooo insomniac that i felt wide awake til almost 3am and woke up again around 4:30am...
ugh! luckily my nintendo ds was charged but playing animal crossing that late at night/early in the morning is a bit boring as everything is closed and everyone is asleep!
i then resorted to mahjong but after awhile it hurt my eyes
(i wasn't wering my sexy bedtime reading/gaming 40s style specs, lol)

then i had some practise playing backgammon.
i love the game but find it waaaay too easy as i grew up playing a version called acey deucey
my amaxingly tall louisiana born navy sailor grandfather taught me to play when i was very very very very young...probably about the same time that my louisiana grandma taught me to crochet (like before i can remember)

anyway - of course it means i'm worn out today
and i had more launches/deliveries at work today - this time a video ad campaign.
then came home and packed everything for my spa weekend away...i'm sooo tired i can hardly hold my arms to type! maybe it's time to resort to voice recognition?
(altho don't think the flatmate would appreciate it while she's watching that tibet show)

so i ended up packing what i thought was alot but it's my usual weekend amount i guess and it is 3 nights and i do need to be warm and comfy and entertained...which means lots sweaters and warm woolly tights and nintendo ds games and that stephen fry book (omg i haven't even started yet on here about how much i LOVE STEPHEN FRY)

(now the flatmate is watching sex change soldier on tv)

i'm tired. i'm exhausted. but it was worth it.
as well as all the comfort stuff i packed, there is also easter chocs, my long silkie nightie, and some other fun bits tucked in my well as my lovely 50s style 1 piece swimsuit with the pointy cups to wear in the rose infused sauna...yum! yum! yum!

i just hope i can last the whole 3 nights and don't have to come home early.

o i also bought a nice plastic toothbrush travel case to carry my shot in!

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Fishwhiskers said...

Hi Kitty, just noted your comments on my blog. New to this, so still finding my way round and with the occasional brain fog, I seem to forget an awful lot LOL. Cool that your daughter is called Isis. No, I am not vegan, just veggie, but I use soya milk because I suffer from arthritis and try and reduce dairy intake.

Hope you're doing ok after your shot, you can always contact me by email, a safer way to get hold of me.

Take care for now