Tuesday, March 25, 2008

the list

so continuing with the decleor theme...

i tried to write a list on my sidebar but it didn't look right at all.
instead i'm just going to write ANOTHER post about the products that i love.
  • aromessence ylang ylang night balm - soothes and helps to balance skin
  • aromessence ylang ylang - a few drops of this oil balances the skin (daily)
  • experience de l'age triple action eye and lip cream - my new eye cream for fluey eyes!
  • cleansing gel - cleanses away foundation without drying out
  • matifying lotion - like a toner
  • harmonie soothing eye contour gel - my old pre tx eye gel
  • eye make up remover gel - soothes as well as removes all mascara
  • phytopeel - mmm yum thyme scented soft rub off exfoliant

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