Wednesday, February 27, 2008

eat to the beat

my local grocery store sells no alcohol wine and beer that doesn't look too bad (so not kaliber)
now i just need to remember if it's the no alcoh0l white or red that tastes horrid!
i've had it before at friends' houses so maybe i'll facebook them to ask...
and the beer that they have is either their own label german stuff or the cobra 0.0%
which i can't wait to try!!!!

i had the san miguel 0.0% when i was in las palmas last summer.
that was the week before what shoulda been my diagnosis - my last big blow out vacation.
but of course i came back for nothing as the hospital left my blood tests had to be redone as they'd not been processed in time! ugh...

as soon as my tummy is feeling better/more used to the drugs i will definitely have some beer!
i'm finding that anything i consume after about 4pm just doesnt settle well, and with having to take the night pills with food i'm finding it quite a struggle! i'm not used to breakfast either...but tonight managed again to make a slight dent in the leftover brinjal curry from the lovely keralian restaraunt around the corner.

talked to the nurse at the hospital about it today, how i'm finding it hard to eat when i'm supposed to rather than when i want to (which used to be always - i should be treating this whole thing as a weight loss regime and i'd probably not be complaining - not that i really am). the nurse explained that food needs to be seen as fuel now...hmmm

but besides that the only other thing that has bothered me in my first week of treatment is a very very very inflamed and sory - even pink - lymph gland on the same side as i did my shot last wednesdy. i just need to keep an eye on it...and just when i'm feeling more myself again - its time to do another injection!

am moving it to thursday tho so i'm wiped over the weekend when i have a bit more downtime - so it also means i get to have an afternoon out at a gallery with work colleagues tomro...and lucky us - they've givn us leap day off free!!!

and o dear i think i'm giving my age away with the title of this post!!! lol...

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