Friday, February 22, 2008


i've not told alot of people about the hepC...

well, kinda maybe i have but not really considering how much i blog everything out online usually. i'm so used to being blatant that this covert blogging is weird for me.

so who have i told?
only the 2 friends from back home that were here in london when i found out - 1 of them has a sister with it and himself has had major health issues with transplants and everything so was the perfect person to come out to.

some of the ppl at work know and are uber supportive as they have a close friend in the industry that has had it for agez and been unresponsive to any treatment.

a mailing list that i've been on for over 10 years whose members have become my bestest friends.

a few other ppl and a few more other ppl

the landlady at my local pub - so she would understand why i'm not there 24/7 anymore!

and of course my fiance.

but no family - why worry them with something that might clear?
they all have their own health issues they are dealing with anyway...
(and the same susceptible fatty diabetic liver as i have been blessed with)

then there are a couple more ppl - both hairdressers that know i'm having a medical treatment and needed to dye my hair back brown, but dont' know what the treatment is for.

so how will i explain the non-drinking and weight loss?


bridal bootcamp.

i have a wedding to get in shape for so as all other brides do these days i will be detoxing and shedding the pounds...



My Other Blog said...

Hi, why don't you try doing the injections in your tummy by looking in a mirror (easy for me to say - I had to sit down for all of mine, I didn't trust myself to stand up and not faint while doing them)? Maybe you could put a chair in front of the mirror, sit there and then 'aim, point, and inject?' Do you mind if I make your blog a link on mine? I finished my treatment almost a year ago, but I'm still active in the Hep C 'scene.'

Elizabeth Anne said...

Hi Hep Kittie,

Glad I found your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine. I'll add you to the list of blogs I check daily :)

Good luck with everything.


chrissy said...

Hi there another new hepper blog....Woppee...I aint got one but Jb my partner does..

I was geno 1b lucky enough to clear... jb has become a statistic of hepC but he don`t mind...As he says someone gotta be one of the unlucky ones..His blog is linked to the others...

I also wanted to share the Nomads Forum lots of us use with you... your welcome to check us out....

hepkitty said...

aw thanks everyone!

and i'll check out nomads when i get a chance - am finding it hard enough to motivate myself to update here right now...x