Thursday, February 21, 2008

day 2

72 hours ago i was sittin' in the sun in so cal, reading a book about wine and watching my fiance skateboard...

this morning i'm sittin' on my sofa in london with a fever and gooey tummy watching sky news about cuba and hoping it doesn't change too much before i can take my long haul flight there.

my hair is a different colour, too. dyed dark brown as a safety measure against my hair thinning while on 'the treatment'...its a bit too red but in a couple weeks i'll get the lovely boy at the aveda spa to go over with a greener brown semi=perm color - to match my freshly tattooed eyebrows.

after dyeing my hair yesterday i went to my hospital appointment with the hep nurse. she's lovely but really hadn't readied me for everything - like the double contraception stuff even though i'm on depo and not ovulation lady at all...will talk to her more about this next the meantime i am happy to have the fiance just cum on my tits til we figure it out.

the nurse also hadn't taken into account the problem i might have injecting myself in my tummy...especially while sitting down. i have 34-H cup bosoms and there is no way i can see over them - i managed to finally inject into the right side of my belly but only by kinda leaning backwards which probably isnt' next week i'm trying it on my thigh.
(which you gotta admit is a bit of a sexier place in case any0ne is ever watching!)

so that's it. i'm day 2 of 24x7 days and as i love/work online i thought i'd blog it. after all - i AM superviral in my day job so why not? i've had a few false starts and deleted them. i was unhappy with the names of the blogs and finally settled on hepkittie this morning...guess it works.
well, more later...

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