Friday, April 8, 2011

tang redux

well i got better and i got fatter.
it seems to be a curse of the middle aged lady that goes through tx...

i have got to the point that nothing fits, and my bursitis has flared up - so what am i doing about it?

going on a space food diet!

and today is day one.
i've tried vanilla shake that i blended with ice ice and more ice and it took me about 45 mins to drink, the orange powder for water which really makes me feel like an astronaut, and now the mushroom cuppa soup that is yummier than any other mushroomy soup that i have ever had - although it could do with some garlic, but then i'd be stuck with garlic breath and that would suck because for some reason i'm not allowed gum.

probably because of all the shit in it and that whole chewing creating tummy juices thing...
so have a bottle of listerine in my desk to rinse rinse rinse away as much as possibl3.

my goal is to look good by ibiza-time which should be no problem.
i'm sooo loooking forward to dancing on the tables at bora-bora with the russian prostitutes!

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