Sunday, August 22, 2010

i'm so tired.

yea i know i stayed up late last night watchn' that film antichrist - wierd! and i've been up for awhile this morning.

but i'm tired.
tired of the last week of the month having no money at all no matter how well i budget.

tired of health things no matter how much i do try.
i'm supposed to be starting a new regime today - something suggested by my colonic therapist yesterday, but not even got enough money to go buy some apple juice and fresh fruit and sheeps yoghurt.

the apple juice is to be mixed with the greens powder that i spunked my last bit of dinero on.
fresh fruit because i need more roughage to cleanse my system. the sheeps yogurt because after breaking vegan for my health, she reckons that cow's milk - even organic - is not goin to settle in my body...

...unless it was fresh and unpasteurised.
n i know where to get that (the market by my fucking x)
but again no money to buy it.

the other part of my new regime tho that the CT. wants me to is write my feelings about my body and observations down every morning - of course she is old school (even though quite young and 'hip' well young as in 38) so she wanted me to have a lil notebook - but why start another little notebook when i've got a perfectly good blog just sitting here waiting for words to be thrown into it?

so i'm here on a sunday morning.

and just noticed that the wildflowers i re-potted in a lovely new matte black pail are thriving this morning. which made me smile inside and be hopeful. now if only someone would re-pot me!

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