Friday, May 15, 2009

practice not perfect

i have not been this sick since the week after tx! i'm so fluey it is hard to type because i have hot fever chills and burny eyes and sore i've taken every painkiller and vitamin in the house and am bundled up in front of sky plus watching tivo'd episodes of 24.

of course i'd rather be out in soho with my friends but i need a sensible few days. funny as i thought it was a hangover as my lovely director girl bought me champagne after quite a gruelling client meeting...then i went for a half while everyone else was chugging pints - but i was still the drunkest!

i'm so out of practice...

fingers crossed it passes soon.

hugs x


Fishwhiskers said...

u poor thing ... hope u get over it quick. it's amazing how quickly u pick up a bug after tx. be careful and rest up. sweat it out. healing thoughts, sista xxx

H. Heart said...

I know I'm not as tough as I was before tx. I have the anti bacteria gel in my purse at all times. I'm paranoid, and maybe with good reason. Stay put and get better soon. Hugs