Friday, April 24, 2009

this week has been...

strange...i thought that i'd posted last night from my igoogle widgety thing but it doesn't seem to have happened...and it's lost. like me.

things were so looking up with the fiance.
i'd taken humble's suggestion and txt'd him that i loved him and then we met up and things felt more back to normal - how they were before he was layed off work. until i had to push it.
i just really really want things to move on and to live together, i miss having him in my life 24/7.

at least it was after a nice dinner at an italian place that we found to eat.
tis the first time we've italian outside italy at a restaraunt not owned/cheffed by his family.
it was lovely! except they had strega and he made me drink it. so not my favourite.

so if i drink strega for him why can't he move in for me???
if you've had this drink you know it's a fair trade!!!

was a very strange thing to toast my mom's all clear from her biospy.
i'd been holding my breath for her as now i know what it's like to be waiting for results.
but she's ok - so high fives!!!


H. Heart said...

So happy for your Mom! What a relief!
Too bad about the fiance. Wish you didn't feel as though you're walking on eggshells. At least you had a bit of fun with him. Maybe just try more of that?

Fishwhiskers said...

wonderful news about ur mum. u both must be so happy. it's strange how we assume that our parents will always be there and how quickly something like that makes us realise that they won't. are u going over to celebrate?

just stick with telling the fiance that u love him and miss him and want him ... he'll get the picture eventually, i'm sure. it's a bit like the situation with my daughter recently. for a while all i did was tell her that i loved her and eventually she came back to me and the relationship is stronger than before. u know what they say: if u love them set them free. if they leave, they were never there to stay, but if they come back it will be forever. xxx