Tuesday, March 24, 2009

stop...in the name of love

this has to stop.
i'm eating myself to death...ugh!
because of the art project i weighed myself and am 87.1 kilos!
which means i've gained ALOT since all this has started going on with the fiance.
i was down to 80 kilos on tx.

so today's menu is coffee with soya milk, and tofu and salad for lunch and dinner...well fingers crossed as am meeting up with my friend for lunch as she's over here visiting from dublin.

still not talked to the fiance since saturday night when i asked him to leave because he was being antagonistic. don't know if this is finally it or not.

it's strange to think that it's only been a couple weeks since i got the all clear SVR - seems like it was ages ago. i should be feeling great and light and celebrating - but he's taken that away from me and instead i'm stressed and anxious with no idea where i stand any longer.


Fishwhiskers said...

gosh, i reckon u 2 really need to sort this out soon. make or break ... as cliché as that may sound. if this goes on for much longer, i am seriously worried about u.

by the way, tx is not a measurement for healthy weight! i have put on 5 kg since finishing, so i think it's normal. u haven't gone above ur weight from b4 tx, have u?

hepkittie said...

yes this is now bigger than my pretreatment weight ugh...

Fishwhiskers said...

ah ok ... but it might be due to the anti/ds ... they're a sure weight-putter-on'er. it probably has got nothing to do with ur food intake.


H. Heart said...

I've also gained weight. Too much. Its really starting to bug me. I'm ready to let the "skinny me" out again. Or just two sizes smaller. That would be nice.