Wednesday, March 18, 2009


missing work again today...
my stomach cramps are still here and i'm still not holding food in very well.
which probably means that no prozac has been absorbed for days either...

i'm also missing the funeral. i regretted it as soon as i knew i wasn't going to make it.
i am actually amazed at how emotional i am about it, how much it has dragged up...we broke up properly back in 1995, back when it seemed that i could change my situation without downtime - its all catching up with me now though. so glad i've got a relate session booked for myself tomoro night as i really really don't want this to impact on the current situation with the fiance.

hoping i feel well enough to drag myself to the sauna today and sweat it all out and have a good cry.


Anal Slut said...

Hello. I've been going to blogs that profiles say the authors are interested in sex. Too bad about all your problems, but where's the sex?

Fishwhiskers said...

@ Anal: Have you read the heading of the blog? Please show respect!

@ Kittie: So sorry that you didn't make it to Cornwall. Maybe the ashes idea will fruition in summer then. Wish I could be with you today, I'll be there in spirit. Sauna sounds just what you need. xxx