Monday, January 19, 2009

new year, new challenges...

i'm not sure if it's just been really long drawn out jetlag, or the fact that i' now walking half an hour each way to work...but by the end of last week i was so exhausted that i have been coming straight home and going to bed and sleeping straight through...well except for a few instances, lol, i've never waited this long ever for my soul to catch up with me.

even over the weekend...saturday we worked on sealing the floor in the spare room - my job was to fold up old news papers to jam in between the boards for the sealant to sit on...but i was exhausted and had to lay down early in the evening - slept through til about 5am when i was awoken by a neighbour yelling for someone to turn down their music 'ignorant sods', i'm sorry but i sleep through music - its the yelling that always wakes me up!

anyway it escalated with the police coming out and ringing down my doorbell.  at first i tried to ignore, but my daughter was also up so we let them in...they finally got my neighbour to answer his door and his hilarious reply to the police asking him to turn it down was 'but it is U2, everyone loves U2'...which made me laugh but also made me think he should obviously be arrested for bad taste or one in their right mind listens to U2 full blast at 5am unless they are high!!!

then of course once i was awake i couldn't get back to sleep as i've got a horrid tickly cough.  seems now i'm off the interferon i'm more susceptible to all the crap germs that are floating around my office.

and at least i still have an office.

the lovely fiance was made redundant today...
i told him that's great as it makes more time for him to plan the wedding now!

i'm not sure he's seeing it as positively as i am.


My Other Blog said...

I'll have to remember the "but it's U2" defense if I'm ever asked to turn music down - 'but it's Neil Young, but it's Jimi Hendrix' - those should work, too.
I'm sorry your fiance lost his job.
There used to be a time when I could fly across 8 time zones, get one good night's sleep, and be ready to rock and roll the next day. Those days were called 'my 20's.'
Be kind to yourself. I honestly believe it takes someone (who isn't in their 20's) 24 weeks to recover from 24 weeks of treatment.

Fishwhiskers said...

honey, i am sorry too about R.'s job loss. i am sure there will be something coming along soon, after all, he is talented and young enough to start over again. if there is nothing in his line of work, maybe he can come and help me with my crochet classes haha. and ur right - he can now plan the wedding and get the flat ready. money isnt everything! i also agree with MYS that it takes a long while to bounce back from the treatment we have been through. so give it time and patience ... and a lot of rest when ur body tells u too.

had to chuckle at the 'u2 excuse'. my neighbours play beach boys, shania twain and mariah carey a lot. maybe they use that excuse too. although personally i think the should be shot 'harr harr'

by the way ... jump on that train now ... any time is a good time for me and a change of scenery would do u good i am sure.