Tuesday, January 27, 2009

FUCK my liver!

i've just washed down a double dose of prozac with a bottle of pink wine to try and calm myself down. that was after downing a pint of budvar to try and keep myself from breaking down at my favourite stitch and bitch...i'm finally crying.

things have not got any better with the fiance and i still haven't been able to talk to anyone about it. i'm just barely hanging on til i can get to my sista fishie on friday. until then i have to hold it together during working hours...at least.


Fishwhiskers said...

oh gosh honey, may friday come soon! i am going to give u a great big hug and a fleshy shoulder to cry on. just hang in there until then. it really fucks me off that i am not closer! u can ring anytime u want as well u know.


p.s. i am sure ur liver will be ok. it did have a good rest and it doesnt have to battle with a virus anymore.

H. Heart said...

Hang in there. Help is on its way. Seeing Fishy on the weekend will be good for you both. Too bad I'm so far, we could all do with some laughes and some good cries ...in the right company.