Sunday, November 30, 2008

the festive sneezin'

i've just taken my first over the counter medicine (except painkillers) since finding out that i had hepC. i'm off to southend today to meet up for lunch with the girlies i was in africa with and have been up sneezing my nose off since 7am. yuck. i'm like a little snot finally caved in and took some day nurse. i remember before tx the doc at the hospital told me that night nurse was okay when i couldn't sleep so this should be alright, and as i'm washing it down with green tea and jasmine i should be speedy gonzalez in half an hour!

much like i felt at the beginning of the week...tuesday i had so much energy that i was starting to feel like my old self - but by thursday it had already faded and then yesterday i was stuck in bed til around 4pm...too fatigued to get up and do anything

(okay so it may have been the two mad kinky sex sessions, but hey usually that gives me energy!)

(and yes pixie i used LOTS of lube...)

so let's hope that the good energetic days are more and more. especially as i've got a busy month ahead of me! i've finally been able to sort some time off work to go home at was stressful but it finally happened after lots of tears and spreadsheets.

my friend/director finally figured they could get some cover so i could see my family. so i texted me daughter i've got tickets to come home and her reply was that she had flights for london! so she comes here then goes back and 2 days later i follow her...

then xmas with the family, then see lik bro and his kid from the 27th when they get back from montana and hopefully a lovely chilledsightseeing train ride up the coast to san francisco for new years eve. any bay area nomads going to be around then?

and somehow also see my twin and get my eyebrows tattooed = hopefully not at the same time though as getting my eyebrows tattooed makes me sneeze.

and now i've come full circle!


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Kachina said...

LOL ... your post today really made me giggle :D sounds like despite the achoo business you're feeling fine. Shame we wont see eachother until January now, but I can see how busy you are ;) Never mind, we just have to make in a long meeting in the New Year ... yeah yeah yeah. xxx

PS: This is me, Fishy, with my Native American Indian name :)