Sunday, November 23, 2008

back from milan...

and really missing my special nomad buddies - especially that we've hung out its very strange not to share every weekend with her and foodlebug! am hoping to get to bristol soon...altho my daughter may grace me with a surprise pre-xmas visit!

which is a good thing.
as i've been trying to request xmas off of work since the end of october! we just get busier and busier though. its good stuff and i'll share it with you all as soon as i can!

and in the meantime i'm home still crocheting as many skully squares for the blanket...i'm loving how the pink and baby varigated yarns look like day of the dead sugar skulls when made up!

anyway - hope you are all doing well.
i'm wiped from my trip to milan and the 5 hour tattoo session to start filling in the blank spaces on my back with butterflies and flowers. had to do something now my hair is all short.

but luckily doesn't seem to be falling out as bad anymore!


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Fishwhiskers said...

ooooooooooo thank gods your back ... i have missed you like mad. sounds like you had a good time though, cant wait to see the new tats.

will email you tomorrow, might come down to london again soon. just cant stay away LOL.