Wednesday, June 4, 2008

more girlie stuff...and bits of blood

so i didn't want to spend any money on new clothes while going through splashed out on the bright orange chloe bag at the sale. but my size and shape has become sooo elastic and as i've not bought a new bra in absolute ages (most of mine are hand me downs from my irish friend luckygirl) i've had to order one...and i love it!

it's a bright red sienna lacy and satiny 32-J with matching knickers!
funny thing is - i'm losing weight on treatment. i'm not getting much smaller as i'm sooo bloated. and my tits are getting huger and huger - altho luckily going down a bit...
but J-cup!

i can't get any bigger or there won't be anything out ther to fit me.

o and i'm fuckin' bleeding again.

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