Monday, May 12, 2008

my big fat italian wedding...

i am absolutely wopped out today...
(that is a cross between wop/wiped, lol)

spent yesterday trying not to be the moody fiancee with family that was here visiting.
had a really lovely lunch, altho even the 5 yr old managed to out eat me...

the fiance's cousins are both nurses and kept asking me if i was okay as i must have looked like shit even with all my glowing body lotion, lip gloss, and mascara - think it was the constant full body yawns that gave it away.

wanted to tell them what was goin' on but as i've not told my family figured blurting it out to the fiance's probably wasn't the best idea. need to keep schtum as no idea who all will be turning up to wedding...not that i know when it will be yet - but have decided it will be italy! just wish my brain wasn't so mushed right now as i'd really like to spend my down days learning to speaka the lingo.

classes are completely out right now as all my energy is used on work and fucking.
so i'm making due with some podcasts and when my brain is more engaged this week may sign up for some online learning packages just to get the ball rolling...


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Fishwhiskers said...

Glad you had some entertainment with the hot blooded italians ;-) but I can imagine how draining that might have been.

Online courses are ok when you're on tx, alhtough I find it sometimes a bit of a struggle to get the discipline going, but that's probably just me.

:fish: y xxx