Monday, March 17, 2008

note to self: don't forget the baby wipes.

this is the perfect orchid care guide!
luckily someone on the lovely nomads forum pointed me in the right direction after my pleas for help...and i'm feeling a bit more confident about taking care of this very hardy version of an orchid, whew!

now i want more, lol.

but then i'd need somewhere to put them because the only other small shelving unit that i have is covered in cacti and fairy lights (or should i say pixie lights for my new friend). i need lots of new shelving anyway - am spending alot of my new longer expanded insomniac time planning things like that.

now my daughter has tidied alot of her stuff away into the boiler room i can start figuring out how much storage space i need - so a good time to start figuring in new plants, etc...i just wish i had the energy to sort it all out quickly, rather than just picking away at it tiny bit by bit from the sofa. well - measure twice/cut once as the saying goes!

it's all in the planning!

and guess what the fiance has planned for me...
an early birthday treat over easter weekend! he's taking me to a lovely spa hotel for the 4 days. i think i'll be able to do it - travel on friday morning, do my injection on the friday night, hang out being ill and pampered for 3 days then drive home in his lovely luxury car. (my fiance's car is my dream car - a bmw midnight blue series 5 with lush wood panelling interior - makes me feel like a diplomat when he drives me around)

so what else do i need to plan for the weekend?
hmmm...lots and lots of comfy but cutie pie sexy lingerie for sure!
i have a lovely long black satiny nightie that just might be perfect...but the rest of my 'bedwear' is more fetishy so not as comfie and i'm not sure how long i'd last in it feeling fluey. or is that that ultimate masochism for me, lol...

will definitely pack my lovely expensive stockings to go with the new agent provacateur knicker/garter belt thingie the fiance gave me for xmas that i've been keeping for a very special occasion...i just wish my skin looked better right now! in the last month since i started the treatment my cellulite has expanded and i'm rashy all the time.

yup - my skin is actually so sensitive now that even cum makes me welt up in red marks.
with the whole uber-safe double contraceptions sex thing that i have to be on while treatment, there's been alot of cumming on my tits and if i don't baby wipe it away withing in minutes i'm left with horrid marks...ugh!

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