Thursday, August 6, 2009

do the twist...

still thinking so much about change...
2 years ago i was soooo happy - had a lovely job and with the best person i'd met in my life.
then i got sick and was so upset.

now i'm clear
and my job is mad, andthe fiance is gone, how ironic.

but the BIG twist is yesterday i had to go to the breast clinic.
the mastitis i had in june is gone but my right breast is still lumpy so went to have it checked.
big twist is though that the person i wanted there with me was my scandotoy, not the ex fiance.

not sure if i'm moving on because this was my rebound - so t'is all wrapped up together really.

so it looks like i probably need surgery.
the scandotoy is coming from oslo to make sure i'm okay.

not sure i am...

the only time i've been in hospital or sick in my life before hepc was when i had me c-section.
now seems i dont' go a month without something happening!


H. Heart said...

I'm sorry about the surgery. Maybe a chance you don't need it? I hope things turn around for you. Maybe you can plan something fun this weekend.
I think about you. You'll aways be my tx buddy/twin.

Fishwhiskers said...

Oh yucky-doo-da u poor thing! as they say, it never rains but it pours. plz keep me informed what's happening, sweetz, coz as u know, i worry. if u need/want somebody there, i am only 2 hrs from u and happy to come down. thinking of u every day xxx

hepkittie said...

there is a chance that i wont need it, but also i want them to be symmetrical again! this coming weekend i think i'm going to do an overground walk that follows the underground fleet river through london! i'm sure that you both would love it...x