Friday, June 19, 2009

bosom buddies

okay, so bit more proper post now i'm feeling more human.
i was sick sick sicker than a dog and twas very scary.
if my daughter had not taken me to the doc last friday who knows what could have happened as i certainly wasn't able to get myself anywhere. my fever was 44degrees (in eurotrash degrees).
that is the highest the doc had ever seen...ever.

so what i thought was tattoo flu from a new tattoo, then turned into what i reckoned was stomach flu as everyone i'd spent the weekend with in soho had it bad - so bad that my friend just layed on her stairs and wished for i wasn't alone. it wasn't just flu though - my breasts were covered in horrid red marks, like i'd had the month before when i was sick and went to the doc! only 5 times worse.

doc gave me 2 x different types of penicillin and the heaviest codeinies allowed as my head was a death grip of pain.

so it seems i also had cellulitis across my whole chest, but it turned out to not just be in the skin, but in the breast itself - so lovely mastitis...which i reckon i'd been carrying around for a month since last time i was ill. lucky lucky lucky my daughter dragged me to the doctor with her when she did! so a week later and my fever is finally down to normal and if i wasn't full of pills i'm sure i'd have an appetite.

my right bosom which seems to be patientX is still a couple cup sizes bigger due to infection.
which could be quite comical if i do make it to ibiza next week...

i really do hope i get to go!
it doesnt seem like it will my big blow out vacation that i'd planned, but i'll still be going out all night dancin' the first night me and my punker friend that works at the ship land. then the next day i'll just head up into the hills to a spa and spend it soaking in salt baths - seasalt has got to be good for bad bosoms...

also really hope i can go to give my daughter a break.
she's been amaxingly wonderful despite herself being down, she's taken such good care of me.
i really am lucky.

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