Monday, April 13, 2009

meetup FAIL

so saturday....i wanted to get up and get going to the meet up at paddington, but the lovely fiance wanted a nice lunch - and who am i to quibble, as being a gluten free guy he's not able to eat everywhere so we wandered into covent garden for a curry at masala zone - but after sitting there ages and the servers walking past at least 3 times each and no one even offering to take a drinks order, we walked out - and the door host had the gall to smile and thank us for coming!!!!

i told him flat out that we were leaving due to non service and he just smiled - maybe he was a robotm or didn't speak english other than a few practised phrases? what sucks is that masala zone was one of the few places i like to eat when on tx - the food was soo good and tastey - but has really gone downhil, as well as the service. last time we went the mango bellinis were nothing more than mango juice topped up with sparkling wine - not the other way round...ugh.

then we went to cafe pacifico to have the loveliest mexican food lunch this side of california - and the service was extraordinarily amaxing - so good we had to really compliment them! now know where we will be heading to eat whenever in covent garden...and needing frozen margaritas.

so anyway - bakc to the FAIL bit on my part...
the lovely fiance is still limpy due to his broken knee and had picked some things up at the builder's merchant for his house - so we came home to drop them off, and rest his leg...and i took some painkillers because even though i tried to eat nothing but very very soft gooey food, my chin job was agony.

i then fell asleep and woke up around 20:00.
yes i know i probably needed it = as i'd not slept for days due to pain and stress, but it means i missed the nomads en masse...i now need to try and see everyone individually as soon as possible!!! still, the lipo was worth it.


Fishwhiskers said...

oh well, such is life. at least u got 2 spend some time with the fiancé, which was probably needed as much as the sleep. guess what ... i didnt make it there either hahaha. maybe we could make a combined effort to see some of the people individually ;) xxx

hepkittie said...

yes it was all much needed...have txt'd my twin's daughter and hoping to see her tomoro if she is around after work! let me know what your plans are...x

My Other Blog said...

I can't believe you missed Humble. I really hope you get to meet her whiles she's in the UK. I'm sure she was really disapointed you weren't there on Saturday.

hepkittie said...

thanks for rubbing it in!

altho pretty much same thing happened when i was back home over xmas as the day she wanted to come was the day i was flying out - fail again.