Saturday, November 1, 2008

heppers do soho!

was soooo lovly to have my hepsisters around for the halloween weekend festivities...

but damn if it doesn't show how i'm really not ready or up for the 24/7 lifestylee yet/again!

i'm lucky that i don't have to go see my family in california until xmas so by then hopefully i'll have more strength to just go go go - and also i wont be working fulltime while there so i'll have time to rest when i can.

not that i'm still much of a sleeper!
fishie and i stayed out late on thursday night after the vodka party as we had to pass by the crobar as well on the way back, then came home and talked most of the night i figured i'd go into work around 11 to make up for it, but come 7am BAM wide awake. so i got myself dressed and went...

...but meant i was dragging by the time i saw her and foodlebug friday night.
still it was fun to get dressed up like pirates and wander around soho with the lovely fiance.
altho he's lucky he didn't get punched as he kept forcing people to kiss his blow up parrot!
(that sounds alot dirtier than it actually is, lol)

so yarn shopping was cancelled for us crafty vixens this morning and we spent it on the sofa sipping soya coffees and crocheting. it was like an old friend i'd not seen for a month had stopped by, not someone i really don't remember from my past. i already miss my fishie deeply, but know i'll see her again soon.

i have to as she left a bag of clothes and boots behind!

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Fishwhiskers said...

Hehehe ... Fishie always leaves something behind ... but only when she really likes the people. So, yes, you will HAVE to see me again. I actually had tears in my eyes when the coach pulled out the station ... I so wanted to go back with you and spend some more time. Why is it that always the people I feel closest to, live the furthest away??

I think I am off to bed now as I feel completely washed out too. Is it old age or still the detox that we cant party anymore like we used to??

I hope you had a happy day of the dead today, the zombie has a special place already :-)

big big hugssssssssss