Monday, June 30, 2008

my manga

my hair has finally got to the point that i need to do something about it again. there is another big fiance family lunch on july 15th and i want to look nice for it, so booked in a hair consultation this morning - at aveda as usual...and top stylist there leanna helped me decide to chop my thin dry brittle long scrawny locks into a brutal sharp angular asymmetric manga type bobbed hairstyle. my appointment is next week so let's hope i'm well enough to go.

it's very exciting! it has been 5 years since i cut my dreadlocks off and years since i had an actual betty page style hairdo. i'm getting boring and brown and middle aged - we cannot have that! so i'll have a nice new look for the big heppers picnic in mote park in july.
(if you are coming or want to come please ping me so i know who to look out for!)

but i've overdone it again, and at least i'm getting better at taking breaks during overdoing it...
today while i was out i HAD to get some food as i've gone off all my usual vegan treats.
(which is gonna cause problems i think)

so i walked over to the new renovated outdoor shopping mall thingy that still looks like a french sci-fi film set (not a bad thing, especially considering the new hair i'll have next week) and then went into space.nk and bought some bumble and bumble dark brown hair powder. this will help me bouf up the bob when i want to...

then i had a little sit down in the sun to rest.

also bought lots of new bright nail polishes in oranges and pinks to cheer myself up a bit and because i smeared my manicure and pedicure yesterday as i was rushing to change into something smart to get to another lovely family thai meal in fitzrovia. 'north soho' as lame trendies and property developers now like to call it, is so much nicer than the hassle of soho or covent garden. i love it and glad to be working and hanging out back in it.

so back to today's food sweet sweet tooth is still going strong so i bought baklava again, yum! and i don't know what it is or why i've got an appetite but i've already eaten 2 pieces so far today...yikes...but yum!

if i'd planned ahead i could have bought some vegan food to take to the hep BBQ tomoro evening, but guess i'll just grab some stuff on the way instead...see some of you tomoro!
wow so many social events in one post!


Fishwhiskers said...

You sound quite cheerful, sista :-) I can see you with a very sharp bob ... very 50s I should think. Tried it once, but my hair is to wavey to look good in a bob. But I desperately need to do something with mine again. The nice cut from the wedding has grown out, but my left side is almost long enough to dread it again :D So I suppose I will grab the clippers myself and go for a total trim on the right.

Oh I wish I lived in London, I would so enjoy a Hepper BBQ. Here I feel cut off from all social life.

Give everybody my love and big hugs for you

Fishy xxx

magda said...

I am a vegan as well and love the food. Bob cuts are a long time classics and they look on everyone. I also really like the look Annette Benning had in "being julia" she looked so HOT! I can watch that movie over and over and not get tired of it.

magda said...

OK Kittie, I hope you don't mind but I added you to my links, because I LOVE your blog. If you mind please let me know.

My Other Blog said...

You know you're going to have to post a picture of you with your new hair cut! (See how nice Magda looks with her bob!)